Our partners

During its years of activity, International Lux Protect has made many connections with renowned security companies, but also with people with outstanding professionalism and dedication to their work. Here is a short list of our partners.

Arbey Rodriguez

Arbey Rodriguez is a key person representing the activities of International Lux Protect  in Colombia. It is by his experience, his professionalism and his dedication that he obtained the status of Commander Lux Protect Colombia.

Diplomatic Protection and Security Advisor with more than 30 years of experience in Colombia and around the world.





Also used in an extreme temperatures context, our PSG vests and shirts offer a perfect comfort and ergonomics, allowing you to focus on your work without worrying about a disturbing or inappropriate fit. “High technology” protection material is available on request. “International Lux Protect” is the exclusive importer of the P.S.G. “PROTECCION Y SEGURIDAD GLOBAL”’s bullet-proof vests in Belgium and Luxembourg.

FOCS Blindaje

Many brands allow Focs Blindaje to transform their vehicles while retaining all the mechanical guarantees put by the manufacturers. Therefore, these cars are used for our high security trainings. All cars are adaptable to your needs.

S.W.A.T. Bodyguards

Private security training institution. Holds an operating license of the superintendence of Private Security and oversight in Colombia.


By far one of the best training centers for security schools. Develops the skills of highly trained instructors with the experience and secrets of the ex “D.A.S. agents”

Loyal Hawk

Training company approved by the Ministry of National Defense, the General Command of the Military Forces and by the Superintendence of oversight and Private Security. Formed in 1989, it provides training services in the field of security, individual and institutional protection.

National police

The Colombian National Police has been working with our services for several years to train their young police officers.

Colombian army

We offer our services to the Colombian army and train their soldiers to face extreme situations in order to fight against the different threats of the country.

Academia Americana Securidad

Performs risk assessment courses, safety studies, as well as analysis and methods concepts. Final goal: familiarizing learners with the principles of risk management.

Centro de Entrenamiento SAD Bogota Colombia

Lux Protect International and SAD Training Center Collaborate on Successful Armored Vehicle Training Trainings

Top Informatique Namur

Cette entreprise nous offre des services polyvalents permettant à International  Lux Protect de rester à la pointe de la technologie.