Driving of
armored vehicles level 5

During your training, we will teach you various evasive and defensive driving, ambush and counter- ambush techniques, along with actual shooting routes and escorts (at Bogota Airport).


Ce que nous faisons

Learn how
to use an armored vehicle

Mainly because of its weight, an armored vehicle has a series of features that a simple car does not hold and which you will have to familiarize yourself with in order to accomplish a security operation.

of your manager

The ultimate goal of your training is to master a range of skills allowing you to protect a life in many types of extreme situations. You will learn a series of driving techniques.

driving learning

We will give you the different driving techniques, braking and behavior to adopt in an emergency by testing your reflexes and anticipation concept.


Continuous training

In order to ensure a perfect mastery of the processes that we will teach you, each of the techniques will be deepened and repeated a certain amount of times. Our instructors, equipped with tact and patience adapted to all, will ensure that everyone can evolve as it should with respect and professionalism.

We teach
you the right reflexes

Our mission is to teach you the special techniques destined to the armored vehicles driving. A reduced field of vision, taking an adapted and fast decision and a calculated anticipation … Our goal is to prepare you to face extreme situations generating nervousness while nevertheless adopting the good behavior.


At the end of your training, you will obtain a series of degrees undeniably attesting your new acquired skills.