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About Focs

International Lux Protect is the first European contact of Focs Blindaje Colombia. Determine the level of shielding of your car, but also its brand and model. Indeed, the company Focs works with world famous brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Volvo, Jaguar, or Mitsubishi. These brands authorize Focs Blindaje to transform their vehicles while keeping all the mechanical guarantees put by the manufacturers. Their experience and their contracts with the Colombian state as well as with the various American states is the undeniable proof of their professionalism and the quality of their work.

Phillipe Barbiau

International Lux Protect


The shields



Reinforced roof and crown

rear wings

rear lamp units

floor protection (dm-52)

overlays with ballistic coverage

frames for doors and windows

eyelashes or edges of crystals protected with ballistic steel OFFSET

mirror protection accessories (included)

hand-free intercom

wheel safety rings

  engine compartment

5 doors

fire wall

Level 1

Against street raiders, armed robbery

Level 2

Bandes organisées dédiées au fret, à l’extorsion, à l’enlèvement express.

Revolvers, pistolets semi automatiques


Level 3

Organized crime, trained for assassinations


Level 4-5

Organized groups belonging to high-level networks (guerrillas or similar groups) equipped with long-range weapons and whose purpose is extortion / terrorism.

AK-47 / G3 assault rifles.

The process

Why us?
The benefits of our shield


We take great care of the details and give excellent finishes.


Keep the discretion of the vehicle. No distinctive sign of the shield.


We incorporate a very light armor and a high ballistic resistance.


Our armoring process follows the international manufacturing standards of parent companies, using lightweight shielding materials that do not require degreasing the vehicle while preserving the passive safety, structure and originality of the intact vehicle.

It includes in its vehicles armored glazing manufactured by the same supplier certified by MERCEDES BENZ Germany in the factory (OEM – Original Factory Equipment), with protection for short-range ammunition up to Magnum .44 and under, keeping the same characteristics an original glass antennas and demisting networks. These glasses are of the latest generation with Lightweight technology, which significantly reduces the weight of the shield.

The “Ballistic Light” imported materials, which combine low weight and high ballistic resistance with respect to vehicle capacity,resulting in improved performance and less wear and tear on parts such as brakes, suspension, wheels, etc.

Payment – Warranty – Delivery


Advance payment of 50% of the shield value to start work, 50% left on delivery. Once the payment is made, the shielding process will take an average of 4 to 5 weeks.


Legal requirements and delivery

For the final delivery of the vehicle, the customer will require the authorization issued by the Superintendence of Surveillance and Private Security. FOCS Blindajes provides complete advice and assistance to fulfill this requirement, but the entity and the discretionary license approval and our company will have no impact on the adoption of the resolution.




We offer a two (2) year general maintenance warranty from the delivery date or 50,000 km, whichever comes first, for any manufacturing defect. All at no cost and taking into account the care and recommendations of the product.

  • Opaque material 10 years

  • Glasses (due to manufacturing defects) 2 years

 • 1 year Intercommunication